OEM has worked for over 30 years quietly building a brand that is known and trusted by customers throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico. We sell our brand into South and Central America, the Caribbean and Europe. Our commercially acceptable products have made us a recognized and sought-after brand in engine management.

VIO Inventory Updating

OEM offers this program to help you better manage your stock of OEM products. While VIO (vehicles in operation) is not the "holy grail" when it comes to inventory control, when taken with local rankings, national rankings and your sales data we can often make strong recommendations that will help your sales. This is not a "load up" program, we will recommend stock you should consider returning as well. Let's face it, every buyer/inventory controller has more and more skus to manage every year. This service will take the focus from our almost 2,000 skus down to a few hundred to receive closer scrutiny for additions or returns. Get your stock in shape, help your sales and turns by utilizing all the information we can provide to help. Contact our sales team for more information!

OEM "Value that Lasts"

When you need a value line part, is it really a value if it doesn't last? Most everyone has figured out how to make a part that will fit and will "turn off the light". Not everyone has a part that will do this and perform for the same length of time as the original. Durability, and testing to make sure your part has it is something we at OEM have done from day one. We believe the value in the part is only there if it has the same durability as the original, just at a more economical price - that's value, Value that Lasts!!!