About Ignition Coils

OEM the value leader in quality coils!

Ignition coils have been around as long as the internal combustion engine. From the wood box coils on the Model T Ford, to decades of the traditional oil-filled can-style coils, to today's modern coil on plug designs, we have always needed that reliable "spark" to get things going. Original Engine Management knows the key role this product group plays in the current mix of engine management products. OEM has a full offering of can coils, block-style coils, coil near plug, coil on plug and hybrid designs to meet all your customers' needs.

The fastest growth category in engine management continues to be coil-on-plug coils. Too many competitors are entering the market with attractive, but unproven products. Be sure you have a source that has done the testing to insure you won't just be getting a pretty product that will fail to perform and have the same durability as the part that was replaced. Go with a proven source and tested products – Original Engine Management!

Even though technology continues to advance rapidly, we still want to help you keep older vehicles running like new too! OEM continues to offer the highest quality distributor caps, ignition rotors, modules and, yes, even points and condensers.